brujadrool said: you're so cute like idk if i wanna be you or kiss you???? 😰

as your lawyer im advising you to go with “kiss”

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behind the scenes with blath kiff vex

from primavera (watch in full

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Anonymous said: WOW that is sexy are the girls you are in the pic with naked lovers of yours or just friends or just modles for a photo shoot? Have you or would you ever do an orgy with a number of lucky men and or women?

Assuming you mean these photos - Auryn and Vex are all of those things, and more. We met through and initially got together to shoot photos, but we are very good friends and love each other a lot and they have really pretty butts that I am lucky enough to kiss and spank and stuff.

And no to the orgy, hahaha.

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Anonymous said: so literally i just spent the last i dont even know how long looking at ur blog and u and how cool u are and ive just had a complete re-evaluation of my life and its gotten to a point where im just sitting here smiling away cause the mere thought that someone like you exists makes me so genuinely happy! u are i n s p i r i n g ugh have a beautiful day friend x

sometimes i get messages like this and i just leave them in my inbox forever because, like, what. what can i even say? thank you? thank you so much. im glad my stupid life has some impact on other people. im glad youre happy. i hope you eat some fruit and hear a good joke today.

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gotta make some art gotta do something beautiful gotta make people cry gotta make art gotta be art gottagottagottagotta do all that right after this nap

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Anonymous said: i'm another godsgirl, and just wanted to tell you i love the little flap of skin on your asshole!

i feel like if you were really another GodsGirl then you would tell me this on the thread we have on the GG forums about how much I love assholes
but hey thanks!

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Sunday morning.

Sunday morning.

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we just built a motherfucking blanket fort.

consider this a sneaky godsgirls preview :x

we just built a motherfucking blanket fort.

consider this a sneaky godsgirls preview :x

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Anonymous said: OMG! I'm sorry you're in the hospital, and I really hope you feel better soon! ~super shy anon hugs~

I’m out now! I was just in for a few hours. I’m just laying about recovering and taking all of the painkillers.
Hugs are cool, thank you for the hugs.

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I was in hospital today. I feel crud, guys. crud.

I was in hospital today. I feel crud, guys. crud.

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Dypsnea (or ‘air hunger’) is the subjective symptom of breathlessness. The clinical definition of dyspnea is an uncomfortable awareness of one’s breathing effort.


I made a video.

(via liesintheskye)

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truly blessed.

me, vex + auryn for

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Good morning.


Good morning.

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*waits for some idiot to reblog that picture of me post-orgasm asking if i pissed myself*

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