behind the scenes with blath kiff vex

from primavera (watch in full

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Anonymous said: WOW that is sexy are the girls you are in the pic with naked lovers of yours or just friends or just modles for a photo shoot? Have you or would you ever do an orgy with a number of lucky men and or women?

Assuming you mean these photos - Auryn and Vex are all of those things, and more. We met through and initially got together to shoot photos, but we are very good friends and love each other a lot and they have really pretty butts that I am lucky enough to kiss and spank and stuff.

And no to the orgy, hahaha.

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Anonymous said: so literally i just spent the last i dont even know how long looking at ur blog and u and how cool u are and ive just had a complete re-evaluation of my life and its gotten to a point where im just sitting here smiling away cause the mere thought that someone like you exists makes me so genuinely happy! u are i n s p i r i n g ugh have a beautiful day friend x

sometimes i get messages like this and i just leave them in my inbox forever because, like, what. what can i even say? thank you? thank you so much. im glad my stupid life has some impact on other people. im glad youre happy. i hope you eat some fruit and hear a good joke today.

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gotta make some art gotta do something beautiful gotta make people cry gotta make art gotta be art gottagottagottagotta do all that right after this nap

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Anonymous said: i'm another godsgirl, and just wanted to tell you i love the little flap of skin on your asshole!

i feel like if you were really another GodsGirl then you would tell me this on the thread we have on the GG forums about how much I love assholes
but hey thanks!

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Sunday morning.

Sunday morning.

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It’s my birthday!
And I’m giving you a present. How nice.
I have a special hardcore set coming out on Monday and to celebrate I’m giving out 25 GodsGirls memberships so you can hang out with me and all the other babes on the best alt porn site in the world.

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beep beep~~
im picking the winners of this todaaayyyyy! i was busy napping yesterday. stand by for free porn.

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Anonymous said: OMG! I'm sorry you're in the hospital, and I really hope you feel better soon! ~super shy anon hugs~

I’m out now! I was just in for a few hours. I’m just laying about recovering and taking all of the painkillers.
Hugs are cool, thank you for the hugs.

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I was in hospital today. I feel crud, guys. crud.

I was in hospital today. I feel crud, guys. crud.

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Dypsnea (or ‘air hunger’) is the subjective symptom of breathlessness. The clinical definition of dyspnea is an uncomfortable awareness of one’s breathing effort.


I made a video.

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truly blessed.

me, vex + auryn for

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Good morning.


Good morning.

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*waits for some idiot to reblog that picture of me post-orgasm asking if i pissed myself*

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y’all try to find the tiniest reason to not support sj/feminism like “oh wow a troll blog once said eating chinese food is cultural appropriation haha sorry i guess i don’t support trans rights at all anymore”

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